Filling Hearts

Forming the soul through our experiences, courses and relationships.

  • Faith

    Building a wider foundation for life with God.

    Growing reliance on who God is, what He has said, and His offer of life.

    Resources for you:

    Alpha - For those with questions about faith.

    Alpha-Next - Early discipleship together.
    Small Groups - Regular connections in homes.

    re:FRESH - Activating the potential of a renewed soul.

  • Freedom

    Learning to live from God, not only for God.

    For those wanting to break-through in an area of life or spirituality.

    Resources for you:

    re:FORM – For those who know it is time for a change.

    Transformation Trek - Guides for impleneting spiritual disciplines.

    Prayer Ministry - hands-on ministry for dealing with the past.

    Course detail at the ConneXa College website.

Fuelling Mission

Making a difference by multiplying your influence and embracing your call.

  • Following

    Discovering my purpose and unique calling.

    Resources for you:

    re:FOCUS – For those who will take up their eternal calling.

    Join a team - use your gifts to serve the mission.

    Course detail at the ConneXa College website.

  • Fruitfulness

    Multiplying my influence in the world.

    Resources for you:

    Leadership Development - Church leadership and planting.

    BLESS - how to bring Christ to those around you.

    Mission - opportunities to go out locally and globally.

    Course detail at the ConneXa College website.